Sustainable Business Transformation. Digital Integration. Innovation.

We advise and accompany top companies into the digital future.

Business Transformation

Accelerate Change

We advise decision-makers on identifying and realizing concrete opportunities for organizational change, designing new business models or leveraging digital opportunities for your company.

Our focus industries are Transport & Logistics, Automotive & Supplier, Energy & Environment, Hightec & TelCo, Health & Medicine and Construction.

Digital solutions

Automate and Scale

We translate business requirements into sustainable technical concepts for the optimal introduction of modern business and data applications. We manage projects of your IT partners or realize them ourselves.

We work with the application, integration and data platforms of the manufacturers Microsoft, SAP, Amazon, Google, Siemens, WiseTech and with OpenSource standards.

Sustainability is our standard

“We accelerate & transform your business to keep pace with a fast digital world.”

Sustainability is not given as a gift. Quick, effortless success in a fast-moving world often sounds more tempting than the promise of sustainable solutions that require the development of unavoidable foundations. But let’s be honest: You wouldn’t want to build your house without a foundation and water connection just to be able to put up a house quickly. It goes without saying that intermediate stages on the overall route can still be fast, agile and pragmatic. In the overall picture, however, the result must remain resilient, reliable, economical and sustainable.

Frequently asked questions

We describe ourselves as "implementation-oriented management consulting". This means that we fill the gap between management consulting, professional and technical conception and the practical implementation of the developed concepts. This bridging is complex. But who says success is easy to achieve? This also means that our consulting does not end at the edge of the foil, but we accompany you until the implementation is completed. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve effective results for you.

Our team consists exclusively of experienced doers, entrepreneurs and executives who are in a position to work with you to solve critical and difficult management tasks in the field of tension of digital transformation. As the most frequent cause of failing projects, the reversal of the anti-pattern is an ideal business case that we have learned to master.

Medium-sized to very large companies with complex, international structures and challenges are typical customers. We have extensive experience in the industries (automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction), technology & TelCo, transport and logistics, energy & environment and health & medicine.

We have extensive experience in software selection, modernization, integration and implementation of portals, customer relationship management, customer and field service, business intelligence platforms and low code solutions. The integration of Microsoft and SAP technology is a "classic" of our activities.

We are sparring partners of your IT organization and possibly existing IT partners and fill gaps that you cannot or do not want to fill yourself. In projects, we are often available as a partner for overall control in order to lead the realization of previously developed concepts to success in an agile controlled manner. We ensure that solutions retain their business case not only functionally, but also in operation and lifecycle management.

First and foremost, we develop innovative concepts and new business models for new, digital markets. We also implement prototypes, digital proofs and digital labs. If custom development is a business case, then we realize larger projects with your or our development partners in the role of overall control.

Creative innovation

Startup Awards and Recognition

Creativity, market understanding and the ability to create usable products and solutions from ideas are what set us apart. Award-winning startups and various awards prove our expertise.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Work reimagined and automated

The translation of classic business into modern, digitally supported processes in sales, customer and field service as well as in modern data and AI-based applications is one of our proven strengths.

Data as a revenue model

Understanding and using data in a new way

Modeling, analyzing and visualizing data has always been our hobbyhorse. Through AI and bots, we are creating entirely new ways of automating, predicting and interacting between humans and machines.


Gain a first impression in a free initial consultation and create the basis for further steps.

Gain a first impression in a free initial consultation and create the basis for further steps.

Initial consulting scopes serve to determine the current situation in order to derive a concrete roadmap for achieving your goals.

Our roadmaps are almost always followed by projects to translate your ideas and goals into results.

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About efexcon

Since its foundation in 2005, the company has continuously developed and successfully adapted to new market requirements. However, the core statements have remained unchanged: Sustainable consulting must seamlessly combine business and digital. And produce lean and flexible results at all times that measurably deliver a compelling business case.

Rüdiger Gros

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

30+ years in entrepreneurial roles. With a focus on enterprise development, digital transformation, customer journey, data analytics and innovation.

Dr. Andreas Hoffmeyer

Chief Financial & Business Development Officer

10+ years in executive positions. With focus on business and organizational development, law and finance as well as extensive digital background.

We help companies to optimally combine sustainability with change and innovation in order to keep pace in a fast-paced digital world.

The most successful companies have long been digital. Those who can develop and implement digital strategy, innovations and new business models quickly and sustainably are among the winners.

We help companies successfully implement organizational change and digital transformation, from strategy to change management and implementation. While others end with their consulting at the edge of the foil, we also implement our professional and technical concepts practically.

The fact that the most renowned brands trust us to meet this challenge is the best confirmation of the success of our work.

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